Renewing Rose-Small

Lush Lavendar


Coconut Escape 

​                                                                                                  GLASSWARE
When enjoying such a beautiful treat as our blooming teas or floral tisanes, you'll want the perfect view. Our elegant glassware is exactly what you need. Lightweight but durable and fully transparent, our glassware can easily handle boiling water so you get the perfect view every time.

                                                                                                                       BLOOMING TEAS

Blooming teas are created by gently infusing healthy green tea leaves with the essence of fruit and wrapping them around delicate dried flowers. What you get is the vegetal flavor of the tea with all its health benefits finished with a hint of a sweet fruit.

Bright Chrysanthemum-Small


                                                         FLORAL TISANES
If you want a taste of the floral without the caffiene please try these florals.

Teapot and Warmer

Renewing Rose-Medium

Sunkissed Peach
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Bright Chrysanthemum-Large

         Rose Butter Cakes

  Regal Jasmine
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Powerful Pomegranate​

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                  Teapot Warmer

Brilliant Berry

Rose Tisane and Tea Cake Pairing

​                                                                                              CAKES

These great tea beverages can be paired with just the right bite to create a truly sublime mouthful. Look no further than our rose cakes for the perfect accompaniment to these teas or tisanes.